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The Weekend Write-In Podcast is a monthly series which highlights author-read flash fiction stories of 500 words or less. 

The podcast stems from The Weekend Write-In, a dedicated group of writers who each week draft and share a piece of flash fiction inspired by a one-word prompt. The group, open to all writers, is hosted on Wattpad here

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The Weekend Write-In Podcast is Co-hosted, produced, and edited by Søvn Drake and John Nedwill. Webdesign and eMagazine by L.M.L. Gil


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The history of the Weekend Write-In


In 2014 an Amazon hosted website called WriteOn began a wonderful exercise. Each week staff tasked group of committed authors, to write a 500 word short story based on a prompt they supplied. In 2016, Amazon announced that WriteOn would be discontinued. Set adrift, these ‘flash fictions’ writers finally found a home on the online writing community of Wattpad. The tradition of the Weekend Write-In continues today five years after it started. The Weekend Write-In is a warm and welcoming group open to all writers. This podcast is pleased to share just a few of of the hundreds Weekend Write-In stories as read by the authors themselves.

The Weekend Write-In posts a prompt every Friday on the Wattpad Community pages and authors have seven days to write, post, and comment on one another’s work.

There is only one rule that must be followed to join the Weekend Write-In. Be nice. The Weekend Write-In especially welcomes new writers, and writers not so confident in their abilities. Commentary on Wattpad is welcome, but should be gentle. They want to encourage people to have fun, meet up with old friends, and make new ones.